Tru Vue Optium Museum Acrylic®

This glass is not only used by the world's most renowned museums, but also for sophisticated custom-framing. It has an anti-reflective coating, which allows you to see even the finest details in crystal-clear colour neutrality. In addition, the scratch-resistant acrylic glass is anti-static, shatterproof and offers 99% UV protection.

We offer cutting services or whole sheets!

• Guaranteed shipping within 24 hours

• Large quantities available at any time

• Unbeatable prices due to our waste optimization (different formats and a reduction in offcuts)

• For framers, museums and galleries

Technical Info

Whole Sheets

Item. No.                           Length x Width

  1. OPTIUM/3mm              122 x 244 cm
  2. OPTIUM/4,5mm           183 x 244 cm
  3. OPTIUM/6mm              183 x 305 cm


Cutting Service

Length and width of the whole sheets equal the maximum length and width we can offer in our cutting service.


Technical Info

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